Rabu, 3 Ogos 2011

Salam :) happy Wednesday! how was your weekend so far? and how is your preparation for ramadhan so far? malam ni hari ke-3 terawih dah. dan esok adalah hari keempat kita berpuasa. hopefully semuanya okay okay aje. kepada semua rakyat jelata Malaysia, time pergi bazar nanti jangan beli makanan bebanyak takut membazir :P haha padahal jeles tak dapat nak pergi. huahuahua. takpe takpe i still boleh pergi during the last week of ramadhan. tunggu! :)

People nowadays are restless, filled with hatred and jealousy. why those feeling exist? is it because people never seems to be grateful of what they have. Allah has set everything that happens on His earth as fair and equitable. everyone has their own specialty and deficiency. who are we to evaluate the events that Allah has created. have you ever thinking about it? i don't know who you really are but you already off the track. what ever you have done is unacceptable. what do you want from me actually? i don't really get your point dude.

    Let's make it clear and do it nicely. can you stop doing what ever you do, or will do and you already did before. it gives you nothing in return. i promise you, you won't get anything by doing this. i will not be enticed with all the words you have said. you just wasting your time like seriously!

For those yang add MOSHI BLACK PURLPE must had know about my acc yang kene hacked by people yang tak ada perasaan kn . . ? Membe member i pun ade jugak lah yang backup i that time .syg kau Naz .!
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and, this person memang confused ..

This is realy funny for me . . haha . nak cari gado tapi gune ayat DVD . Better shut your mouth before i shut your mouth with sambal belacan.
  Gila pathetic lah orang macam ni. banyak jugak kes macam ni jadi kan. tapi tak sangka jugak boleh jadi dekat i. hadoii. i tak sangka wujud jugak orang macam ni dekat dunia ni. i just send a report to facebook about her / him . .people might get confuse. macam macam boleh jadi zaman sekarang ni ., i did send a report to facebook but nothing happened. i tak tahu kenapa. facebook buat tak tahu je report i :( so, i need your favour on this matter. ada orang bagitahu i maybe kena reramai sekali report baru facebook take action. so kalau korang free, ada masa lebih can you help me by simply click the report button at the left bottom side on her profile.

 I dah tak larat nak ambek hak i as Moshi Black Purple owner anymore . Biarlah acc Moshi Black Purlpe tinggal kenangan buat I.and , hopfully the hacker sedar akan kesilapan die . okay . and I teringin nak jumpe dia raye ketiga tahun ni .

          Bulan puasa ni kalau tolong orang berganda pahala die tau :P hehehe. thank you in advance!

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